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What We Do

We supply food to the less fortunate and disabled persons. We supply school items to the less fortunate and orphanage homes. In addition, we pay school fees for the less fortunate. We respond to emergencies related to disasters with donations. We also help single mothers that are struggling with job opportunities such as starting their own small businesses. In the future, our organization has a goal to help abandoned children get off the streets. We would like to open up vocational and trade schools for girls to strengthen their job skills, better their life and receive an education. We want to build houses for the single mothers that are living on the streets, providing them with homes.


What is an organization mission Miracle Gbayee's Pockets of Miracles-Anj Nonprofit Corporation's mission is to provide comprehensive services for adolescents and families in need. It will include feeding, housing, clothes, education, recommendation and inspiration. Imagine Our vision is to build a stable environment, provide long -lasting solutions to benefit people in need. We cannot make the community reliability and cannot decide how to improve and save our lives. At the same time, it brings social and cultural acceptable changes on the existing basis.

Value We are committed to working under challenging conditions to help the people in the world the most needed. The ability to invest in people and their family and family members is necessary to reduce poverty. We are committed to the empowerment of conflicts and communities in the conflict and affected areas, maintain the dignity of people and rebuild a healthy community. We help the disadvantaged groups in need, regardless of their beliefs, culture, language, customs, denominations, races and/or political factions.


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Our team Felicia Felicia m. gbayee Founder | The first board of directors install Ann O. Gabai Co -founder | Business Coordinator James James G. Loto Business coordinator Mary Mary D. Watson Fundraising activity WhatsApp Picture 2020-12-30 AM 12.17.11 Anna Mo Mo Lu Liberia Assistant Director/Nurse If everyone extended a helping hand, no one needs help. Help those who can't help themselves! mgpom-feeding-v6 How can you help us? donate Volunteer Preferably.

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